,153 yuan, up 9.8% and

y monetary policy. We comprehensively implemented and co▓nstantly improved the package plan for addressing the global▓ financial crisis. We significantly increased

government spending, implement▓ed structural tax reductions, rapidly increased supplies of money and credit, made our monetary policy more sustainable, and increased the amount of dire▓ct financing. We thus ensured funding for economic and social development, effectively boosted domestic demand, and quickly reversed the slowdown in economic growth. We vigorous

ly expanded consumer spending. Our policies to encourage consumption covered more areas, were stron▓ger and benefited more people than ever before. The central government provided 45 billion yuan in subsidies for rural residents to purchase ho

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8.5% respecti

me appliances a▓nd motor vehicles, including motorbikes. Part of the subsidies also supported ▓trading-in old motor vehicles and home appliances for new ones and purchasing agricultural machinery and tools. We halved the purchase▓ tax on small-displ


ion. The past year w

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e nation, and raised China's int ernational sta nding and in▓fl uence. All thi s definitely enc ourages us t o continue to forg e ahead on th?/a> 坋 path of soc ialism wit h Chinese char acteristics. Over the last y ear, we mainly und ertook the following wor k. 1. Streng thening and improving macro-control and prom oting steady and rap 南康市wap 武夷山市5G 庆云县wap 师宗县wap 杭锦旗5G 永城市wap 双桥区5G 南召县5G 曲阳县5G 杭锦后旗wap 磁县5G 灵宝市wap 凤冈县wap 呼玛县wap 宁蒗彝族自治县5G 什邡市5G 绿春县5G 磐安县wap 鹤山市5G 思南县5G 新开传奇私服 狐月玉兔传奇私服 传奇私服怎么解压不了 传奇私服新开网站 最新中变热血传奇私服 传奇私服单机架设下载 传奇私服怎么架设外网 传奇私服补丁解压到哪 热血传奇私服手游 超级变态传奇私服单职业